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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Travel Memories offer specials and how do I find out about them?

We sure do, and finding out about them is as easy as signing up for our newsletter or following our Facebook page
 Sign Up and Save (Click Here)     Like our Page

Q: What payment types do you accept?

We accept Master Card and Visa or Paypal.

Q: Can I alter my order once it has been placed?

Unfortunately you can't change an order once it has been placed as our system is automated and production of your finished product begins almost immediately.

Q: How long does it take to produce my order?

It can take up to 3 business days for us to produce your order.

Q: How long does delivery take?

Once we are ready to ship your order it will take between 5-10 business days for delivery in Australia. During heavy promotions or holidays delivery times may vary from these standard delivery times. You can find out more about shipping here.

Q: How do I contact Travel Memories?

Contact us by email at [email protected]

Photo Book FAQs

Q: What Images can I use for a Photo Book?

We recommend using Jpeg images that have a file size of at least 3mb for a Photo Book You can use Instagram or Facebook images, however we do recommend that you use them as a collage or 4 photos to a page; these images can appear blurry or "pixelated" if used on a full page as the resolution is low.

Q: Do I need to create an account?

Yes, you do need to create an account when you are creating a Photo Book. This is to allow you to upload and save your project to your account, and also means if you would like to save your project half way through creating your book you can. It is also handy for reordering extra copies of your Photo Book as you can simply add it to your cart.

Q: How do I edit text for my Photo Book on my phone?

Touch the text area and it should bring up the text box. To delete the text box, click on the element, then select transform, then click and drag the element off the page and a little trash can icon should appear to delete it.

Q: How do I delete a Photo or template when creating a Photo Book?

Click on the element, then select transform, then click and drag the element off the page and a little trash can icon should appear to delete it.

Q: How do I add a new Photo to my project?

Click on My Photos at the top of the page. Select the album you wish to upload to, and then select upload. Click on Local Drive, Facebook or Instagram. Select the images you wish to use and add photos. To go back to your project please click Continue. The new images will be located at the bottom of the album. You will need to manually add the new images to your project.

Q: How do I change Photos in my Book?

Please click on the image, and select remove Photo. You can then go back into choose photo and add a new one that way.

Q: How do I save my Project?

Please click on the disk icon which will save your project. At this stage there is no auto save so please save your project at least every 5 - 10 minutes.

Q: What size should my images be?

We recommend that your images should be between 3-10 MB in Jpeg format.

Q: How do I edit my images?

Click or tap on the photo. You will then see a little hand icon appear, and below that Pan/Zoom and Transform. To rotate, on the left hand side you should see a list of options: Choose Photo, Rotate 90, Remove Photo, Change Layout, Change Theme, Add new Photo and Add new text.

Q: How do I add or delete pages from my Book?

At the bottom-right-hand corner of the editing area of your book you should see two double page icons, one with a plus button and the other with a trash can icon. To add pages click the double page icon with the plus button. Please make sure you add the new pages to the back of the book. To delete pages select the second-last double pages and then click the double page icon with the trash can. Unfortunately you cannot delete the last single page.

Q: How do I autofill my Book?

Please upload all the images you wish to use. We recommend uploading a minimum of 22 images which equates to 1 image per page plus cover for a 20-page book. Once uploaded click Select All and then Continue. This will then place all the images into your book in the order you have uploaded them to your album (chronological order). If you wish to change the order please click on each image individually in the order you wish to have them place and then select upload.

Q: How do zoom in on my images?

Double click or tap on the image and this will zoom the image in. To zoom out just double tap or click on the image again.

Q: How do I add text to my spine or pages?

Please click on the area and then add new text. You can edit the text size, font and background colour in the edit options on the left hand side. To delete the text box click on it and select transform. Click and drag the box off the page until the trash can icon appears on it. Text can only be added to the spine of the Hard Cover Books.

Q: I have a Voucher/Coupon code to use; how do I apply it?

Once your book is in the shopping cart please add your code to the Discount Code area and click on Apply Coupon. The total amount should be reduced. Click on proceed to cart once the amount is correct.

Q: Can I store images?

Travel Memories allows you to access your images through My Photos. However, please note that:

- We provide Image Storage at no cost in order to facilitate Users' creation and purchase of personalised Products bearing their Images.
 - Accordingly, we do not intend or invite Users to store their Images other than for those purposes.
 - We are entitled to introduce a policy for the removal of your Image Storage if you do not make limited purchases of personalised Products from us within a 12 month period.
 - You should always keep a copy of your original images and make a back-up copy of all your images on your personal systems. We do not undertake or guarantee to keep your images and will not be liable for the loss of, deletion or corruption of any images. You should not use Travel Memories as the only repository of your images.


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